Adoption of evidence-based policy in hospitals

I am doing a capstone project and my PICOT is: Does the adoption of evidence-based policy in hospitals during the patient discharge process lower the probability of re-admissions in the future when compared to outpatient services and location/population-focused care?

can you please help me with these questions by giving examples? Thank you so much for your help

What is the project question (PICOT)? In other words what are you ultimately trying to figure out? Address in P-I-C-O-T format first; then a narrative description.


What is the title of your project? Be specific and concise.




Who will benefit from your project?




Where are the people located that will benefit from your project?



What date do you plan on implementing your project? If you plan to implement this in BSN485, please specify that here.



How long will your project take? Clarify the difference as compared to the project timeframe in your PICOT question.



Budget requirements of your project (how much money will it take to implement your project)? Please note that this is  a proposal; you will not fund this project.



Why did you decide to do this project?



What do you hope to achieve by doing this project?


What do you need to help you complete this project? Examples may include supplies, Facility/Administration support, etc.


Will your project have long-term effects? If so, what are they? If none. Why not?


Will the project be sustainable? If so, how will you sustain the project?


How will your project be evaluated?



Are there any risks associated with the project?



Is there anything that may prevent your project from succeeding? If so, what?


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