Motivating factors of Adult Learning

The six (6) motivating factors of Adult Learning are outlined below. Briefly discuss The required response for this question is a detailed explanation for each item in the adjacent box below

1. Social Relationships
2. External Expectations
3. Social Welfare
4. Personal Advancement
5. Escape / Stimulation
6. Cognitive Interest
List a delivery method of learning for the following styles of learners:


a) Active:

b) Reflective:

c) Sensing:

d) Intuitive:

e) Visual:

f) Auditory:

g) Kinaesthetic:

h) Global Learner:

i) Analytical:


Briefly describe the following terms:


a) Incidental learning:

b) Task Breakdown / Analysis:

c) Reinforcement:

d) Shaping:

e) Chaining:


Define ‘motivation’ and ‘demotivation’.  Explain the characteristics of both and provide an example of each for a person with a disability.



a) Motivation:

b) Demotivation:


Break down the steps required for you to make a cup of coffee or tea with milk and sugar in it. Ensure you break down the steps clearly as you may have to talk a client through this process when caring for them.

Now take a moment to reflect on what would be required for a person with an intellectual disability to make a cup of coffee or tea.

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