Advances in genetics research

Advances in genetics research (most notably the Human Genome Project) have made it increasingly possible to determine whether certain behaviors, characteristics, and disorders (aggression, depression, schizophrenia, etc.) have some basis in our genes. What are the benefits of finding out that certain behaviors or characteristics are genetically-based? What are some of the drawbacks? Try to think in terms of both negative behaviors like aggression or violence, but also about positive behaviors like altruism or intelligence.

2.As part of this lesson, I have posted an article about some of the complex reasons why adolescents are more likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors than people of other ages. The author of that paper makes some controversial suggestions to reduce risk-taking behavior. Do you agree with his suggestions, and why or why not? What do you think can be done to keep adolescents safer from risk?

3.Chapter 5 presents research findings on the perceptual limitations and strengths of newborns (for example, that they have extremely poor vision but an excellent sense of smell and taste). How can we use what we know about infant perception to improve the bonding experience between the newborn and his or her caregivers? If you were a pediatrician, what recommendations might you make to new parents?

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