Algorithmic filtering and personalization

Algorithmic filtering and personalization (e.g., targeted advertising, recommender systems, customized news feeds on social media) are helpful tools that allow people to navigate overwhelming information online. However, they are not without problems. Which of the following is not associated with algorithmic filtering and personalization?
Increased exposure to diverse perspectivesCreation of “filter bubbles”, where an individual’s perception of reality becomes skewed.

Amplification of the confirmation bias

Increased polarization


please give me the correct answer with explanation. Also give me the conclusion as it is mandatory.

What is algorithmic filtering?
What is the main source of algorithmic bias?
The short answer: People write the algorithms, people choose the data used by algorithms and people decide how to apply the results of the algorithms. Without diverse teams and rigorous testing, it can be too easy for people to let subtle, unconscious biases enter, which AI then automates and perpetuates.

Definition: algorithmic filter

An evaluation of data based on some formula. Essentially, all filters rely on some algorithm; however, the term typically refers to social media and search engines, wherein users are delivered ads, videos and news stories that appeal to their lifestyle and principles. See filter.

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