Anaerobic respiration

Anaerobic respiration: O is slower than aerobic respiration produces two ATP molecules for each molecule of glucose metabolized only occurs when oxygen is present does not produce toxic (fatigue producing) products a and d QUESTION 43 The sarcolemma is: the cell membrane of the muscle fiber epimysium covering the muscle the endoplasmic reticulum of muscle site of ATP production none of the above h QUESTION 44 The latent period of a muscle: O occurs during the time of contraction and relaxation O occurs during the time of relaxation and contraction O is of no longer duration than the contraction period O occurs from the moment of stimulation until the muscle shortens O is longer than the contraction phase 4 QUESTION 32 Cori cycle describes the recycling of glucose? O True O False 12 QUESTION 33 Which of the following statements concerning the actin myofilament is false? one of its components is tropomyosin the myofilament is a double helix it contains G-actin O it contains troponin O both actin and myosin form part of the actin myofilament

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