Annotated Bibliography


An annotated bibliography is a document that lists citations of sources related to your research, along with an assessment of the sources. You can think of it as a knowledge base, a reference tool for keeping track of sources during the research process.

For your annotated bibliography, find at least two peer-reviewed, scholarly sources (a.k.a. GALILEO sources) related to your research topic. For each entry, give the proper MLA citation (the sort you do for works cited page). Then, underneath each citation, provide a two-paragraph write-up of 100-150 words. Here is the structure each assessment should have:

Paragraph 1 should give a summary of the source (the thesis, the main points, etc.).

Paragraph 2 should evaluate the source — what are its strengths and weaknesses? Are there any gaps in the research? Could more be said on the topic? Etc. You can also reflect on how the source might be useful to your research essay.

Please submit your Annotated Bibliography and your research question in Blackboard by Thursday, March 24, by midnight. If you have questions, email me at
Helpful Resources

Purdue Owl has a great explanation of how to format and structure your annotated bibliography here:

There is also a good sample entry here (note that your annotated bib should be in MLA):

Here is an overview of how to make citations for electronic sources:

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