Anti-bias (AB) learning opportunities 

Please suggest 4 possible anti-bias (AB) learning opportunities that could be used for the identified
age group. Each learning opportunity should feature a different anti-bias concept (no repeats).

  • One learning opportunity must include also the use of (1) of the following: sand, drama, or
    water area, clearly identified.
  • Below is an example.

 Material to use in this paper

There are 12 areas of bias to use in this paper:- Ability, language, race, family forms, age, appearence, gender, belief, lifestyle, class, culture, and Sexuality.

 3 Anti-Bias Methods:

1) Incorporation through exposure to cultural materials, and interactions
with the environment.
2) Personalization through exposure and interaction with people from
different areas of bias.
3) Expansion or extension through open-ended comments and


Principles of Anti-bias Curriculum:- The Anti-Bias curriculum is:
• 1) a curriculum for every child
• all children are continuously developing attitudes about
people different from themselves
• 2) an integrated approach. It isn’t “added on”
• it takes place every day; diversity is reflected in every
learning opportunity, piece of equipment, staff,
interactions, etc.
• Remember: what you do is just as important as what you
don’t do it!

3) avoids tokenism
• reflects diversity by having more than one diversity
concept reflective item
• 4) is developmentally based
• starts with the issues arising from the children’s
attitudes, observations, actions, re: gender, age,
abilities, etc.
Considers knowledge of child development (e.g.
Infant vs. school ager)

5) includes the educator and parent/family as part of the process
• aligns with current sector expectations (to be discussed later
• 6) take time
• recognizes that progress is incremental; takes ongoing
reflection, observation, implementation


FOUR Anti-Bias Goals
1. Promote a positive sense of self but not
2. Promote empathy with diversity
3. Promote problem-solving/critical thinking
regarding differences and/or unfairness
4. Promote action when encountering
unfairness related to differences




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