Anti-depression medication

You are working in a primary care outpatient clinic as a nurse on Anti-depression medication. Miss Brown is a 23-year-old female who has been a patient for several years. She has no medical problems, works full time in sales, is single, and lives by herself. She is 6 weeks pregnant.  She takes a daily multivitamin.

The provider just saw her and prescribed an anti-depressant in order to treat her depression.  She is having trouble with motivation, she is worried about this pregnancy, and she generally is feeling like she is worthless.  The provider asks you to finish the visit with Miss Brown by providing some instructions related to her new medication as well as plan a follow-up phone visit from the nurse to check on her.

  • List at least 3 major drug anti-depressant drug classes that could be used to treat depression in a young pregnant woman.
    1. Drug class 1
    2. Drug class 2
    3. Drug class 3
  • Name 3 drugs that are considered safe in early pregnancy? NOTE: these do not have to be antidepressants, but they must be category B
    1. drug 1
    2. drug 2
    3. drug 3
  • Describe the mechanism of action, side effects, and any nursing implications for the one classification or specific drug (name the drug) you anticipate would most likely be the drug of choice for this patient’s depression. (3 points)
    1. mechanism of action
    2. side effects
    3. NI
  • What patient instructions would you give her? What does she need to be aware of as she starts her new medication? (2 points)
  • At two weeks, the prescriber asks you to call the patient, check on her, and use a standardized assessment tool. Which standardized depression screening tool is best for this patient? What are 3 questions critical to ask a patient who is just starting anti-depression medication? What symptoms (side effects) would you notify the provider about? (3 points)


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