Critical Appraisal of Literature Directions

Critical Appraisal of Literature Directions: Students will read the assigned article and complete the Joanna Briggs Institute Checklist for Randomized Controlled Trials for this assignment.

The JBI critical appraisal tools assist in assessing the trustworthiness, relevance, and results of published papers (JBI, 2021). This activity will help you learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a published research report. JBI Checklists are available for many types of study designs and can be found at the link: If you are unsure of the specific terminology in a question, consult the JBI Checklist _for_RCT_Instructions.docx on Blackboard or your textbook.

Article: Kalkim, A. & Daghan, S. (2017). Theory-based osteoporosis prevention education and counseling program for women: A randomized controlled trial.

Korean Society of Nursing Science, 11, 119- 127. doi: JBI CRITICAL APPRAISAL CHECKLIST FOR RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS Reviewer Date Author Year Yes No Unclear N/A

1. Was true randomization used for the assignment of participants to treatment groups? Rationale for answer

2. Was allocation to treatment groups concealed? Rationale for answer

3. Were treatment groups similar at the baseline? Rationale for answer

4. Were participants blind to treatment assignment? Rationale for answer

5. Were those delivering treatment blind to treatment assignment? Rationale for answer

6. Were outcomes assessors blind to treatment assignment? Rationale for answer

7. Were treatment groups treated identically other than the intervention of interest?

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