The Blood gas

Please assess the ABG and identify what changes in the patients settings you would like to make based on the blood gas. (Note that the patient’s tidal volume range based on the patient’s Ideal Body Weight is 360-480 mL)


Time 1130
Machine Settings
Mode VC/AC
Tidal Volume 450 mL
Pressure Control
Frequency 14 bpm
Inspiratory Time 0.9 sec
Flow Rate
Pressure Support
PEEP +5 cmH2O
FIO2 50%
High/Low Press Alarm 50 cmH2O
Hi/Low Minute VentilationAlarm 15L/min/ 3L/min
High Frequency Alarm 30 bpm
Hi/Low Tidal Volume Alarm
Apnea Alarm
Patient Values
Total Frequency 14 bpm
Inspiratory Tidal Volume 450 mL
Expiratory Tidal Volume 432 mL
Minute Ventilation 6.3 L/min
Peak Inspiratory Pressure 24 cm2O
Plateau Pressure
Mean Airway Pressure 8 cmH2O
Patient Monitoring
SpO2 93%
ABG 1153
Ph 7.27
PaCO2 68 mmHg
PaO2 63 mmHg
HCO-3 26 mEq/L
RT Name

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