Boutique freight forwarding firm

You are a graduate of Centennial College. After graduation, you and your classmates opened a boutique freight forwarding firm that specializes in service to the Caribbean and Central America. Today you received an e-mail from your old Freight Forwarding Professor who is consulting for a company that is looking for a freight solution for the delivery of aid to assist 200 refugees after a huge eruption of La Soufriere, a volcano on the island of St. Vincent to the north. The product is 4 Skids of medicines and medical supplies weighing 1200 kg each. Each of the skids has dimensions of 40″ x 48″ x 36″ high. The value of the goods is CAD$745,000.00

The purchaser of the goods is the St Georges Medical School, an American School with considerable financial resources to help. The Consignee Mr. Bedoe, owner of the Grenada Trade Center the country of Grenada, West Indies housing the refugees in his complex.

Your Professor is the Director of Global Exporting his/her company in Toronto. They need a freight forwarder and they are thinking of working with you to manage the delivery of this product(s) from Canada.

In order to convince him and his managers that you are a suitable business partner and that you have a team that is capable of handling the job, he asks your team for a Sales Presentation and Comprehensive Proposal to be Submitted to his Management Team. You have a short period to get everything done so you need to get started now.

With the knowledge acquired at Centennial, your understanding of Canadian and International Logistics, the desire to succeed in the business field, and a network of Centennial colleagues.  You must finalize your teams by the end of week 2 (or you will be automatically enrolled in a team).

To get you started, your former Professor prepared the following spreadsheet:



SELLER/SHIPPER EXPORTER (your professor) Product Distributor,

Assess suitable Freight Forwarder

Attend/assess your presentation, assess your proposal,


All documentation to be completed by the seller’s agent (below), SLI

Proforma Invoice, Invoice

Prepares, packages & labels the goods for export

Win the job by presenting a complete nd professional proposal arket Research, Product Development

Storage and Warehousing needs



Receive Good Quality Goods on time and in good condition Send a request for quote (RFQ),

Complete International sales contract,

Pay the Invoice

Research the Company, Understand CREEEPS Research the country and the company


(your team)

Find the best the carriers;

Calculate the freight rates.

Arranges Insurance

HS Tariff classification;

Clears the goods for customs.

Where you will store the goods, tariff deferral

Letters of Introduction, marketing materials

Import/Export Business Licence, Commercial Invoice, Export Permit, Export Declaration…

AWB, BL or multimodal transport documents

Insurance  Certificate…

Warehouse receipt

An introduction letter, transportation quotation, transport & Warehousing document(s)

Identify HS code and put it in the documents,

Do the Sales Presentation

Research the warehousing needs and explain what service is needed

CIFFA site, membership







Regulators who you contact issue food inspection certificates, CofO,

Quality, Export Permit

CofO, Export Permit, Inspection certificate, other certifications depending on your product and the terms of the letter of credit Identify the specific

Foreign agencies to receive import approval

Research the export requirements for the product
BANKER Financial Institution(s) to arranges credit, loans and advice about payment method Provides the Letter of Credit, Credit Insurance



Contact a bank branch, talk with a Business Manager,  EDC or BDC Call, visit


Protectionism (local manufacturers/jobs), policies,

Trade Agreements

Import Permits, consular invoices, all documentary requirements for import, import customs broker Identify the specific

Agencies in the country to receive export approval

MIGRANTS, gov’t website
ANY OTHER PARTIES (depends on your product) and should be included above.



Team Report & Appendices

  1. Project Manager: specify his/her responsibilities including the Incoterm, HS Code, Chargeable Weight, calculation of the FINAL price, routing, and completion of an executive summary. Assemble the report and appendices into one document.
  2. Other Team Members: you should be in charge of managing particular functions like warehousing and packaging, transportation, importing & exporting, banking, etc of this exercise based on your abilities and previous work/study knowledge and experience.

Audio/Video Presentation: In this component, you need to focus on selling the merits of your freight forwarding service to me, your potential client (the seller). By now you should have a clear idea of the benefits that the “Architects” of logistics and convincing marketing pitch to convince your client that your team will provide the highest value, has experts speaking in each area, and you should be chosen for the role of this exporting adventure.  Please choose an appropriate platform because your client does not have the time to wait 10 minutes for a file to download.

Individual Reports: An individual report, with what your own professional contribution to the team is and the importance of teamwork in the business world.

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