Bowel and Bladder Management

Bowel and Bladder Management Jane is a 21-year-old woman who experienced a T-5 complete SCI as a result of a water skiing accident. Previously an active young single woman, she expresses anxiety about how to manage her bowel and bladder programs. She currently is learning how to perform self-catheterization five times a day, and she does have difficulty with bowel constipation. Her usual blood pressure is 94/60. During therapy she begins to complain of a headache and has redness and sweating of her face and upper chest. The physical therapist calls you to check on her and you note that Jane is complaining of blurred vision, nasal congestion, and a pounding headache. Using evidence-based practice guidelines, what should be your first action? What is the most likely problem that Jane is having based on the information given? After assessing her blood pressure, the nurse finds it to be 160/96. What does this suggest? What should the nurse do next?

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