Cardiogenic shock

George’s condition continues to deteriorate, his RR has increased and his O2 sats have decreased over the past 2 hours. A clinical review finds that George is in cardiogenic shock and he is transferred to HDU for management. He has a PICC line inserted for IV fluids and medication. He requires continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask to maintain his O2 levels.


George and his relative express concerns because he is now on oxygen.

1.a. How do you ease George’s concern and promote patient comfort while on oxygen therapy?

b. How would you ease his relatives’ concerns and explain the purpose of the oxygen therapy to them? (What information can you give to George’s relatives to reassure them. Consider why George is on O2. How is this helping him).


b. Considering George’s current cardiovascular and respiratory compromise and previous medical history of diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, describe three (3) members of the MDT (other than doctors and nurses) who could assist you in providing care/ information and preventative strategies to George and his family in an attempt to prevent another episode of an acute illness.


c. Describe three (3) impacts an acute illness can have on an individual and their family/significant others?

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