Care facility planning wing

Scenario Description: Kathy is a support worker who has been working at the same care facility planning wing for over 20 years. If asked if she likes her job, she would say; It pays the bills;

She is usually a few minutes late every day and takes longer breaks than the other employees do. You do not enjoy working with Kathy because she is opinionated and occasionally rude to you when you ask her questions.

You have also seen her being abrupt with some of the more challenging residents. Kathy rarely smiles and only speaks to other senior staff. One day, at the change-of-shift report, the nurse reports that Mrs. a client you liked very much- has died. Kathy says loudly, Good.

One less person I’ve got to the toilet. You have been thinking about doing something to address Kathy’s attitude but do not know where to begin. You don’t want to quit because the facility is located near your home and you like your work.

Instructions: Write 2-3 paragraphs about what you will do.

The questions below will help you to focus your response. How will you address your concern about Kathy’s attitude?

– Who will you talk to?

Why do you choose to talk with this person? What will you share? What do you hope to gain from your approach?

How will you evaluate the success of your actions?

Would you suggest your plan of action to a friend who has a similar problem? Why or why not?

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