Chances of acquiring catheter-associated urinary infections

Discuss why the quantitative method is the best method based on your project questions and data. Choose three potential designs that you could use for your project. Based on the three potential designs, determine potential analysis methods and why?

Clinical/PICOT Questions:
Do elderly patients in long-term care (P) that have a urinary Foley catheter that is placed on a Prevention Strategy Urinary Catheter Protocol (I) experience reduced chances of acquiring catheter-associated urinary infections (O) compared to those without (C) within 4 weeks of implementation?

The quality improvement will be based on a perspective that will be carried out on elderly patients in medical/surgical/telemetry. The setting for the study is West Covina, CA 76-bed hospital. The hospital provides care for patients in West Covina and the surrounding communities. The quality improvement project will also be supported by the hospital’s management at all levels. The quality improvement will involve of patients 65 years and older.

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