Changing Culture

In the article, Changing Culture, what are the author’s main points? What is the author asking for? Does the author provide a method or means of accomplishing the request?

In the article, ‘Change Ready, Resistant, or Both’, which factors must be considered to embrace and promote change readiness? How can an organization overcome resistance? Does the author(s) provide a method or means of institutionalizing effective change?

Provide a recommendation for institutionalizing effective change demanded from, ‘Changing Culture’, and what you’ve learned from, ‘Change, Ready, Resistant, or Both’.


  1. Thesis: Discuss the overarching thesis in the article, ‘Changing Culture’ (10%)
  1. Main Points: Review the main points in the articles ‘Changing Culture’ and ‘Change Ready, Resistant, or Both’. (40%)
  1. Takeaways: What lessons have been learned? How can the article ‘Change Ready, Resistant, or Both’ impact organizations looking to create change, and specific to the article, ‘Changing Culture’? (50%)


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