Chemical Composition of the Body

(Chemical Composition of the Body) Essay Questions Answer ALL questions in the space provided (where it says” “. Click on that text, and it will be replaced by your answer when you start typing). Then save this document in your computer and submit via the dropbox for grading. Be sure to retain a copy of your answers in your computer until the end of the term 1. Describe the characteristics of a lipid, and discuss the different subcategories of lipids. 2. Explain, in terms of hydrolysis reaction and dehydration synthesis, how disaccharides and monosaccharides are interconverted and how triglycerides can be formed and broken down. 3. Describe, and account for the different levels of protein structure. How can proteins serve functions that are so diverse? 4. Describe the structure of DNA, and explain the law of complementary base pairing. 5. List the types of RNA, and explain how the structure of RNA differs from the structure of DNA.

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