Christiana Care and John Hopkins Hospitals

Compare and contrast Christiana Care and John Hopkins Hospitals. What service stands out for each facility?

  • Compare and Contrast facilities
  • What service stands out for each facility?
  • What stands out as the SPECIALTY Care of each facility?
  • Compare ER’s Status (What level Service offered?)
  • NICU (Level of Service?)
  • Other services. Orthopedics/ Cardiac/ Neurology/ Pediatrics
  • Tertiary Care: Highly Specialized medical care usually over an extended period that involves advanced and complex procedures and treatments.
    • For instance, in Alexandria Virginia, Inova Fairfax Hospital is renowned for high survival rates of heart transplants. (Pre/Post Care)

Application of information researched

  • If you were sick with cancer, heart failure, lung transplant, pediatric orthopedic issue, cornea transplant? Where would you go for care?
    • Example: Patient with End Stage Renal Failure
      • Facility: CCHS
      • Specialty: Kidney Transplant
    • Example: Head and Neck Cancer
      • Facility: John Hopkins
      • Specialty: Head and Neck Cancer Department
  • Describe a medical condition and select the facility which would meet the needs of the patient to successfully provide medical care.

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