Civilization’s writing system

Which civilization’s writing system used logograms and syllabograms?​

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 2Question 22 pts


What is the proper name for the Aztec Calendar (or Sun) Stone?​

Group of answer choices

​the Cuauhxicalli Eagle Bowl


​the Coatlicue


​the Nazca Array


​the Jalisco



Flag question: Question 3Question 32 pts


Which is the Aztec goddess of fertility (portrayed in a statue shown in Ch. 16)?​

Group of answer choices



​Chan Muwan







Flag question: Question 4Question 42 pts


What is a shaman?​

Group of answer choices

​a mask worn during a Kwakiutl ritual


​a wooden figure thought to be imbued with supernatural powers


​a person who can communicate with good and evil spirits


​the uppermost figure on a totem pole



Flag question: Question 5Question 52 pts


A codex is a:​

Group of answer choices

​a weapon used by European colonizers.


​document that provides a guide to decoding messages.


​a bundle of manuscript pages stitched together.


​a form of paper used by Mesoamericans.



Flag question: Question 6Question 62 pts


Who was Nezahualcoyotl?​

Group of answer choices

​the Mayan god of rain, lightning, and thunder


​the first Olmec ruler


​an Aztec king who wrote poetry


​the last leader of the Maya people



Flag question: Question 7Question 72 pts


Which of the following statements about the pyramid at Chichén Itzá is NOT true?​

Group of answer choices

​It has 9 levels, presumably related to the Mayan conception of the Underworld, which has 9 layers.


​The four sides of the pyramid face the four points of the compass.


​It predates the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids.


​The number of steps on all sides of the structure adds up to 365.



Flag question: Question 8Question 82 pts


Which of the following were European explorers seeking when they traveled to the Western hemisphere?​

Group of answer choices

​the city of Atlantis


​the Holy Grail







Flag question: Question 9Question 92 pts


What term refers to a person of mixed European and Native American descent?​

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 10Question 102 pts


Who painted the mural The History of Mexico in the National Palace in Mexico City?​

Group of answer choices

​David Alfaro Siqueiros


​Frida Kahlo


​Diego Rivera


​Pablo Picasso



Flag question: Question 11Question 112 pts


What was the name of the section of Beijing containing the residence of the emperor?​

Group of answer choices

​the Ancient City


​the Imperial City


​the Forbidden City


​the Gate of Heavenly Peace



Flag question: Question 12Question 122 pts


What innovations from Arabic architecture were introduced by Muslim architects into Mughal architecture?​

Group of answer choices

​the arch and the viaduct


​the minaret and the pointed arch


​the ribbed vault and flying buttresses


​the slide rule and the leveler



Flag question: Question 13Question 132 pts


How did the subject matter of Mughal painting differ from earlier Hindu and Buddhist art?​

Group of answer choices

​It included aphorisms written in Kufic.


​It depicted predominantly secular subjects.


​It depicted familial portraits.


​It depicted religious subjects only.



Flag question: Question 14Question 142 pts


The 20th-century Chinese artist Wu Hufan uses the style and scroll format of the traditional landscape to depict what scene or event?​

Group of answer choices

​Mao’s ascension to power as leader of the Communist party


​the first McDonald’s restaurant in China


​the detonation of China’s first atomic bomb


​the productivity of Chinese workers



Flag question: Question 15Question 152 pts


What novel by Wu Cheng’en (ca. 1510-1580) has a main character named Tripitaka?​

Group of answer choices

The Plum in the Golden Vase


The Tale of Genji







Flag question: Question 16Question 162 pts


Who was the best-known leader of Indian nationalism (from ca. 1915 to 1948)?​

Group of answer choices

​Lord Mountbatten


​Mahatma Gandhi


​Jawaharlal Nehru


​Manmohan Singh



Flag question: Question 17Question 172 pts


During the Ming period, by what name was the Chinese short story known?​

Group of answer choices

​bamboo words









Flag question: Question 18Question 182 pts


What is a Japanese Noh play?​

Group of answer choices

​a combination of drama with ritual and slapstick


​a drama in which actors wear wooden masks


​a dramatic enactment of Buddha’s life


​a form of interactive improvisational theater



Flag question: Question 19Question 192 pts


Who was the first leader of the Chinese Communist Party?​

Group of answer choices

​Wang Mang


​Chiang Kai-shek


​Mao Zedong





Flag question: Question 20Question 202 pts


Who was the greatest poet (1644-1694) of the Edo period?​

Group of answer choices





​Shen Zhou





Flag question: Question 21Question 212 pts


​What is the term for the racial segregation policy that was instituted in South Africa in 1948?

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 22Question 222 pts


​Why was Mofolo’s Chaka not published until 1925?

Group of answer choices

​It was censored by the government.


​It could not be translated.


​The missionary press refused to publish it.


​It was considered too sexually explicit.



Flag question: Question 23Question 232 pts


What is meant by “animism”?​

Group of answer choices

​the belief that Allah is the supreme animator of life


​the belief that rituals and songs give meaning to traditional African legends


​the belief that animals contain the souls of the dead


​the belief that the world is governed by the workings of nature



Flag question: Question 24Question 242 pts


The Shona people reside in which present-day African nation?​

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 25Question 252 pts


​During the 7th century, what new religion was introduced into Saharan Africa?

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 26Question 262 pts


What type of African art was used to transform or to conceal identities?​

Group of answer choices

​instruments which mimicked animal sounds


​painted skins


​mats of woven fiber


highly stylized masks



Flag question: Question 27Question 272 pts


What West African kingdom began to grow in power as the kingdom of Ghana declined?​

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 28Question 282 pts


​Which 20th-century Senegalese writer created the movement called Negritude?

Group of answer choices

​Qamaan Bulhan


​Saiyad Abdallah


​Chinua Achebe


​Leopold Senghor



Flag question: Question 29Question 292 pts


​What is generally considered to be both the first novel (1906) by an African and the first written in an African language?

Group of answer choices

Things Fall Apart


No Longer at Ease


Traveler of the East





Flag question: Question 30Question 302 pts


What is the central theme of Chinua Achebe’s writing?​

Group of answer choices

​the history of ancient African civilizations


​the decline of East African trading cities


​the conflict between Western culture and traditional African society


the development of transnational black spiritualism​



Flag question: Question 31Question 312 pts


​Which English poet faced numerous challenges, such as his poor health and his Catholic faith in a Protestant country?

Group of answer choices

​John Keats


​William Blake


​Alexander Pope


​Theodore Dryden



Flag question: Question 32Question 322 pts


Which painter’s works best represent the official art style of the French Revolution?​

Group of answer choices





​ Hals





Flag question: Question 33Question 332 pts


Who was the most important Neo-Classical sculptor from Italy?​

Group of answer choices

​Giovanni Tiepolo


​Antonio Canova


​Jacques-Louis David


​Balthazar Neumann



Flag question: Question 34Question 342 pts


Which English painter of the Rococo period was best known for his portraits and landscapes?​

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 35Question 352 pts


Who were “Enlightened Despots”?​

Group of answer choices

​learned vagabonds


​monarchs wary of appearing to have absolute power


​poor citizens sent to public schools


​philosophers who espoused hedonism



Flag question: Question 36Question 362 pts


Who was a major composer who wrote music in the style galant?​

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 37Question 372 pts


Which English artist is best known for his satirical paintings of the English middle class?​

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 38Question 382 pts


​Who was the first great French Rococo painter (d. 1721)?

Group of answer choices










Flag question: Question 39Question 392 pts


What appears to have been the purpose of Fragonard’s paintings?​

Group of answer choices

​to foster French Nationalism


​to critique the Bourgeoisie


​ to entertain the eye


​ to bolster the French monarchy



Flag question: Question 40Question 402 pts


Who was probably the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776)?​

Group of answer choices

​Thomas Jefferson


​Alexander Pope


​Benjamin Franklin


​John Stuart Mill

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