Clinic Medical referral letter

Clinic medical referral letter. Jill O’Connor presents at her GP’s clinic,  Dr. Michael Murphy (Provider Number 043789W),  Broadwater Medical Group, 6 The Avenue, Claremont 9000.

The appointment is ‘urgent’ as Ms. O’Connor presents with severe abdominal pain.

Dr. Murphy has dictated a letter and asked you to make an urgent appointment for Ms. O’Connor to see Dr. Davis at Southern Ultrasound.

Dr. Davis’ clinic requires a copy of the referral letter as soon as it is typed and has asked you to fax a copy directly to the office.

Answer the following question  –

1.      After you finish typing this medical letter – do you fax or email it straight to the specialist?
What do you do?      Answer the question below and refer to the Utopia Policy for medical letters in your answer.
Prepare to type the medical letter

2.     In the following project, you will be typing the medical letter.
In preparation for this, a simple letterhead for Dr.. Michael Murphy in Microsoft Word using the details above


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