Clinical-Community Engagement

Write a 3-4 page critical response paper on Clinical-Community Engagement in which you reflect on the readings, class discussions from the unit. You should incorporate your own personal experiences and/or observations, but they must be interwoven with ideas, excerpts, theories, references from the readings/focus groups. Your paper should NOT be a summary of the arguments, but critical response to 2-3 themes from the unit that most resonated with you.

The discussion should be about clinical community engagement and the importance of understanding the community hospitals and health care facilities are working with. Vulnerable communities have often lacked trust in large healthcare systems because of mistreatment.

Understanding that clinical community engagement should focus on the patient and not motives that hospitals think that the community needs. Community Health Workers are important because these workers are able to form a relationship with patients and often time can meet the needs of the patients.

I believe that hospitals can play a major role in stemming these inequities in health in vulnerable populations by understanding the needs of the community. Identifying that health is larger than a hospital visit or meeting with a physician but the identifying structural barriers to health like food insecurity, lack of insurance, access to hospitals.

White hospitals and Black communities must share power. The ideology driving the course is that health equity cannot be achieved without engagement between individuals and communities in the context of social determinants of health, and the researchers, policy-makers, and clinicians who work in those spaces.

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