Clinical experience in a Spiritual faith integration

Write about a clinical experience in a Spiritual faith integration reflection journal. It should be an experience during the hospital experience, including your spirituality, cultural perspective, and developmental stage in your assignment.

Spirituality: Please discuss an experience that helped you grow spirituality or discuss the spiritual needs of your patient/family and how you might offer them support.
Developmental appropriateness of the child/young adult: Include reflecting on your patient’s developmental stage. Did you have any concerns? In what ways did you meet your patient’s needs with their development in mind?
Promote self-awareness during your clinical performance.
Acknowledge changes in clinical performance /personal growth during the clinical experience.
Develop critical thinking skills used to analyze and integrate clinical to practice in your clinical experience.
Please share any encounter or any situation where cultural preferences interfered with your clinical day?
Reflect on your clinical experience with learning experience and or concerns?
Discuss an experience that helped you grow spirituality or discuss the spiritual needs of your patient/family and how you might offer them support.
Include your observational, assessment, and learning activities in your journals,
Journals should be written in a timely manner to help you remember your clinical day preventing you from forgetting the even and meaningful experience. This will help provide feedback on your journey entry.
Describe any concerns you may have regarding this clinical.
Acknowledge your ability to incorporate the ability to establish a therapeutic relationship with patients,
Develop goals for your clinical.
Recognize your feelings, prejudices, and biases in situations that may develop during your clinical experience.

You can do it on this patient and use this story to make it the spiritual paper but just use this patient to write about it because I have already submitted this journal before but you can use her ti help write it. It was my first experience in the Emergency Room department.

My Patient was a 16-year-old female patient who had attempted suicide was brought to the department. The patient had taken a big amount of Advil P.M. On arrival, the patient was given Ativan 1mg. The patient’s vitals came on as normal. Upon doing my assessment on her I noticed she had a missing hand. When asked what happen? Her mother who was present in the room stated she was born this way.

The RN I was shadowing was more preoccupied with ensuring her other patients the more critical patients were okay and she missed her deformity. I accommodated the patient, and she warmed up. After our interaction, I noted that the patient needed a spiritual perspective in her

While attending to the patient, I thought about why she committed suicide. This made me empathize with the client. I worried about the patient more than I should have been at that time. The RN was meticulous with her job as she focused on saving the patient’s life.

Despite the best efforts, I thought that the patient’s needs were not physical. This established a rapport with the patient and opened up an avenue for discussing the patient’s issues. Through the discussion, I noticed that she required intimacy. The patient’s age indicated that she was going through puberty and trying to understand herself better.

The patient’s condition could not be attended to through physical treatment. The patient needed a counselor after she had been stabilized. My experience in the emergency department made me realize that patients need spiritual attendance.

The patient’s woes were not physical. She had attempted suicide to get away from herself. The experience indicates that she needed spiritual care. I started speaking to her to notice she began being receptive and talking about what was disturbing her.

After our discussion, I recommended that when she feels afraid or, her mind is telling her to do something, she shouldn’t pray and to pick one of her favourite bible verses. . This experience made me understand the importance of spirituality in nursing. Nursing needs to integrate spiritual concepts to provide holistic care.

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