Discuss your plan for completing your Clinical hours?

What specific skills or goals would you like to accomplish during this clinical rotation? Discuss your plan for completing your clinical hours How do you plan to use evidence to support your clinical decisions?


The clinical rotation is a period when as a nursing student, I should be able to acquire skills that will be useful in delivering appropriate care to the patient population. To effectively achieve this outcome, I will need to develop a plan specifically tailored to managing self-success and maximum benefit to the patients and the general population. In the clinical environment, I will maximize time to perform examinations by attending two-to-three days a week, for eight hours a day.

These days do not need to remain fixed but can be altered based on several other factors, including classwork which may, at times, come before. However, it will be my responsibility to ensure that clinical rotations are not disrupted to improve my skills and capacity to attend to patients soon. Among the objectives I will focus on during my practicum experience include a critical assessment of the patient, which includes a comprehensive patient history.

Taking patient histories sources important information about the patient, allowing the creation of a therapeutic relationship between the nurse and patient that would be critical to the management process (Ingram, 2017). A proper patient history would be aligned with my other goal of selecting appropriate diagnostic tools to reach diagnoses and prescribe effective medications and management practices for the patients.

Effective communication is also a fundamental objective I should master since it plays an essential role in delivering care, further improves trust and care delivery, and provide information on preventive health measures (Lotfi et al., 2019). In addition, I will actively seek to use researched evidence in informing all my care decisions.

Especially nursing interventions and management should be informed by research to allow for maximum benefit to the patients. The research work can also help develop health promotion practices critical in preventative medicine that addresses the need for healthy behaviors within the population.



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