The Goals of Clinical learning experiences at the graduate level

There are several questions on the MSN Essentials. ‘ Identify the goals of clinical learning experiences at the graduate level –  Identify the professional competencies that accompany each MSN essential domain Identify examples of competency-based education ° Identify the Scope of Practice (SOP) for advanced practice registered nurses (FNP/ ACNP, AGACNP, PMHNP). ‘ Who sets the SOP for APRN s? ‘

What are the certification options for FNP, AGNP, AGACNP, and PMHNP? – Purpose of the Consensus Model (LACE) ‘ Identify key aspects of a collaborative agreement. ‘ Identify whether all states require collaborative agreements to practice. ‘

What are typical setbacks and challenges new NPs experience? Where do these challenges (transition inhibitors) come from? ‘ Identify the steps of the role transition from RN to APRN ° what causes anxiety in the new APRN ‘ What does the APRN need to consider when evaluating research? ‘

Identify the patterns of statutory and regulatory authority when it comes to prescription writing ‘ Identity competencies evaluated during the credentialing process ‘ Identify the relationship between the processes and documents required for the APRN credentialing process and the decisions for the scope of practice or clinical privileges made by the employing institution ‘ Describe the difference between clinical judgment and using the best evidence to make decisions. ‘

Describe the basic concepts of advocacy and patient autonomy ‘ Describe the differences between an employee and an independent contractor ‘ What are the liability concerns for an independent contractor ? ‘ Explain a covenant not to compete.

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