Research-based evidence to inform Clinical practice

Explain how the advanced practice nurse can apply research-based evidence to inform clinical practice. Nursing practice is primarily established on research evidence that establishes procedures and guidelines that have been researched and found to be positively influential in delivering healthcare. Implementing evidence-based practice is a vital part of improving the health outcomes of the patient populations (Dagne et al., 2021).

The nurse can use a set of guidelines to translate evidence into practice. First, the nurse should select an area in which they see the need for improvement, for example, medication errors. A researched intervention process is then considered to address the pressing issue by selecting current best practice guidelines within the research scope. This is part of the clinical problem-solving practice. Another way research can be applied in practice is in advocacy.

Nursing advocacy relates to how nurses lobby for patients’ rights and those of the nurses in a move to establish better environments for work and administration of health services (Sharpnack, 2022). These advocacies need to be based on solid evidence from published data or observable environments that can be used as objective material to influence positive changes in many areas, mainly when applied in the legislative processes, thus facilitating positive change that will benefit many other groups. As another way, nurses can use research to manage symptoms of illness in patient groups.

Nursing interventions need to be based on researched evidence. Most of these interventions have been conducted on a large sample group which can be generalized to the entire patient population. However, it is the nurse’s responsibility to determine the baseline characteristics of the study group to determine how best these interventions can be applied to their respective contexts (Richards et al., 2018). These practices directly inform the management and care delivery to the patients.



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