Clinical psychology

The British Psychological Society has been highly critical of the DSM 5. Clinical psychology, counseling psychology, social work, and other mental health professions are still in the process of deciding how best to continue to adjust to the changes made by the DSM 5. Insurance and drug companies are considering how to alter their approval of various diagnostic categories.

Part 1:

a) Access and read the Learning Resource entitled:  The DSM-5:  Classification and criteria changes (also located in Learning Resources-Week 3)

b) Choose a major change like any one of the changes listed below or a change mentioned in the articles that particularly interests you. Do an internet search for it in relation to the DSM 5 and discuss with us whether or not it is an improvement or problematic from your point of view.

Answer the question: Why do you think this change was made?

Sample changes:

Combining Axes l and ll

Dropping Axis IV (Psychosocial and Environmental Problems)

Dropping Axis V (Global Assessment of Functioning, known as GAF).

Removal of all subtypes of Schizophrenia 

Inclusion of Bereavement

Any disorder change like the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tobacco Use Disorder, etc.

Harmonizing with the ICD systems


Part 2:

Discuss with us the presentation below:

Diagnostic issues:

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