Cognitive changes in regard to development and maturity levels

Discusses Middle Childhood and Adolescence. During these times, the body goes through a lot of physical, psychological, emotional, and cognitive changes in regard to development and maturity levels. Think of moral behavior, moral reasoning, and the primary developmental task of school-age children during middle childhood and adolescence. Think about developing a sense of identity, independence, and puberty stages as well.

Middle Childhood is an important part of growing up, but Adolescence is a crucial part of growing up because of the many physical and psychological changes during this time (i.e. identity, puberty, social interaction, sexuality, concrete thinking, physical activity, peer pressure, etc.). This is the timeframe in one’s life that can be very rewarding or very difficult for growth development in regard to the various emotions and changes the body must endure. I’ve always thought that adolescence, along with being elderly, was one of the most difficult life stages in growth development. Click on the link below and view the video on theories of development.

Two important theorists, Erik Erikson and Sigmund Freud have played a major role in explaining and understanding how humans develop over time. Critically think and explain if you feel these theorists were accurate or not in regard to how we develop as humans. Include in your response if their theory of development was successful in your opinion. Think about how we still rely on these theories today and how they impact human growth and development overall. This is due on 12/1/22 by 11:59 p.m. Human Growth and Development Theories

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