Examples of collaboration in the healthcare community

The purpose of this assignment is to identify examples of collaboration in the healthcare community. In groups of 2, you will select an article or project that demonstrates collaboration in health care. It can be within an organization (e.g. inter-professional collaboration) or between two or more organizations. You are required to submit your topic via email to your professor for approval a minimum of 1 week before your presentation date You will present your article or project to the class Both students must equally participate in the presentation Questions to Be Answered During the Presentation: What is the collaboration? Describe the project or program. How is it an example of collaboration (versus cooperation or co-creation)? What is the shared common goal for both organizations? Were the right stakeholders involved in this collaboration? Were any missing? Reflect on the impact of this collaboration on today’s Canadian health care system- what was the effect of the collaboration? Think about performance management here – did it add/improve quality, effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, or add value to the health care system? If the article/initiative was conducted in another country- how could it be applied to the Canadian health care system? Discuss the  topic healthcare organization and with the whole assignment as well. The subject is Managing and engaging collaboration in healthcare.

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