How communication disorder may affect other areas of development

Larnaka is four years old and has been diagnosed with a communication disorder called dyspraxia which affects her speech (no movement issues). Larnaka understands what she is wanting to communicate and confidently interacts verbally with others, however, her speech is unclear and difficult to understand by both children and other adults. Larnaka has been observed more recently playing by herself and her interactions with others are becoming less. The other children are often heard saying “I don’t know what she wants”. You are very concerned about both her emotional and social development.

1. Give three examples of how communication disorder may affect other areas of development.
2. Identify two theorists that advocate the importance of developing a sense of belonging.
3. Use these two theories to develop two strategies you would implement to strengthen Larnika’s sense of belonging.
4. Identify one piece of information which would be useful to exchange with Larnika’s family to assist her sense of belonging at the center and support her learning needs.
5. Give two examples of strategies you could use to develop this relationship with the family.

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