Compare and contrast the Health beliefs

Compare and contrast the health beliefs (e.g., the concept of autonomy, health practices, and coping behaviors) and/or mental health illnesses of “main-stream” American values and Korean culture in Ame

Apply  Leninger’s Transcultural Nursing and the standards of care for psychiatric/mental health nursing. Discussion on how a nurse’s inability to implement culturally competent care can make a patient with a psychiatric disorder, from a Korean background, more at risk for ineffective and unsafe nursing care.

Psychiatric/Mental Health Standard 4: Planning of Care

The psychiatric/mental health nurse will develop an individualized plan of care in partnership with the health care Korean consumer (i.e. patient/client), family and others considering the healthcare Korean consumer’s characteristics … which may include, but are not limited to values, beliefs, spiritual and health practices, preferences, choices, developmental level, coping styles, culture, and environment.  (ANA’s Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice).

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