The concept of cognitive psychology

Do you believe Christianity aligns with the concept of cognitive psychology?  If so, what do you mean?  If not, why?  Be sure to give examples of how your faith aligns (or doesn’t align) with cognitive psychology.  What are three verses from Scripture that resonate with you regarding cognition?  What does Scripture have to say about the human brain?  Who is one biblical character who you would find fascinating to evaluate from a cognitive perspective? What characteristics of this person are you curious about?  And what would you expect to learn about this person’s cognitive functioning?
Your essay should be 3 pages of text, plus a title page and reference page.  Your paper should be in proper APA format (if you are unsure of APA formatting, please reference the materials provided in the Week 0 learning activity).  Your essay should include at least 3 peer-reviewed references, which should be cited in your essay.  You are welcome to use the (McBride & Cutting, 2019) text and any published journal articles.  Websites are not considered valid references in academic work

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