Conducting an assessment in aged care

QUESTION 1-What information will you need to confirm with your supervisor prior to conducting an assessment in aged care? FER –  Please give examples of information you would give to the older person and their carer about the assessment that would be part of your responsibility before starting the assessment and meeting them.

question 2- What information should you provide to the older person and their carer regarding your responsibilities and accountability? What is the risk if you do not clarify your own role?


FER- you need to extend the answer to provide examples of what your duty of care would be specifically when sharing their information, the carers, and other health professionals.

QUESTION 3 -What is your duty of care regarding sharing of information with the older person, their carer and other health professionals?


FER –  you need to describe some communication methods that you would use when communicating to the older person and their carer

QUESTION 4-Describe the communication strategies you would use when providing information to the older person and their carer regarding the assessment process and results.



Older people may not want to be involved in the assessment process. They may have low self-esteem and think their input is not valuable. They may feel intimidated by you or the setting, or they may not understand what you are saying due to physical or cognitive impairment or English is not their first language. The support worker should take steps to ensure the older person does not suffer discomfort or anxiety during the assessment process.

QUESTION 5 List three (3) things you should take into account to ensure the older person’s comfort and give an example of how you will do this.

To ensure comfort How you will do this

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