Guidelines for Conducting research

Unlike previous international ethical codes, the Declaration of Helsinki provides guidelines for conducting research on subjects who

Question 14 options:

object to the use of placebos.
opposed to the line of research.
refuse to give their consent.
cannot give their informed consent.




5. According to The Belmont Report, an autonomous person is an individual capable of deliberation and of

Question 17 options:

acting under the direction of others.
revising their deliberative reflectons.
acting without deliberation.
acting under the direction of such deliberation.


6. The interview, “Is It Time to Stop Using Race in Medical Research?” makes the point that problems arise in medical research when it is assumed that


sickle cell anemia is not a disease.
race is genetically determined.
cystic fibrosis is not a genetic disease.
race is not genetically determined.


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