Return to Consciousness Stroke

Rapid succession w/out return to consciousness Stroke/CVA between; last 5+ mins. permanent brain damage benzodiazepines suctioning, oz,

Focus on ischemic which is either embolic or thrombotic- blood clot (thrombus) in the artery to brain assess airway pathology blood clot What are risk factors and what would be health promotion measures to reduce the smoking,

obesity formed some- risk of stroke? – age ( Zx Irish sage 5s); man: blacks, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, breaks loose, when in body,

What is meant by FAST? Why is timely intervention encouraged for people with his sleep apnea travels to stroke symptoms? racial draping. arm weakness

. brain via blood difficulties; time Stream. All acute care is aimed at preserving brain function (remember the penumbra) When did the symptoms start?

What are the diagnostic tests and when should they be done? .

Symptoms of stroke depend on the part of the brain that has been affected, but how would the nurse address Emergency care includes what in terms of assessment and diagnostic testing? (T/ MR) CT/MRI/Echocardiogram/CTA or MRA or doppler-what is the purpose? Any special preparation?

Be sure to review general care of the stroke patient Prevention of complications Safety Addressing communication issues, aphasia/dysphasia, dysphagia, safe swallowing, immobility, patient and family reaction to the long-term impact of stroke Respiratory issues related to brain injury

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