The core skills of therapeutic communication

An important part of being a professional is self-assessment. The Importance of Reflection Nurses regularly reflect on their practice and ask themselves where they’re performing well and what they’d like to improve.  You will be doing this every year as part of your annual BCCNM Registration Renewal.

This reflection can be as simple as analyzing a situation with a challenging client earlier in the day or thinking about how to apply a new communication strategy they learned.

Take some time to think carefully about the questions below.  This is your opportunity to dig deep and reflect on how this course and its topics influence your way of being as a nurse and the impact(s) the skills and techniques will have on your future practice.

This is not a research assignment; this reflection must be personal and come from within with evidence that you have sat with these questions and demonstrate careful consideration.

Reflect on the following questions:

  1. Recall the Metaparadigms of Nursing concepts “Person” and “Nurse”.  Reflect briefly on how the core skills of therapeutic communication you have practiced this semester will help develop these for you in your practice.
  2. How did I personalize the evidenced-based theory into an evidence-based practice?
  3. Provide constructive feedback on your learning and practice experiences in the course.
  4. Comment on what went well and experiences that did not go well.
  5. Comment on what you will do to ensure that you keep developing the skills and techniques you have learned in this course.

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