Special Care Unit with clients who have dementia

Case Scenario Scenario Description: Vanessa is an HCA who works in a Special Care Unit with clients who have dementia. She loves her work but often feels tired with low energy.

She is a smoker and finds little time for exercise besides walking to and from the bus stop and the walking she does at work.

One day Vanessa’s supervisor mentions to her that he has noticed her lack of energy and what seems like a lack of interest in her work.

He has also noticed that she has had more illness in the past year than anyone else on the unit. He suggests that since she is unhappy with her job, she should consider working somewhere else.

Instructions: Write two paragraphs using these questions to help focus your paragraphs.

Paragraph One: In the situation above, what was Vanessa doing at work which caused concern? How should Vanessa respond to her supervisor’s suggestion to look for other work? Since Vanessa loves her work, what can she do to be a better worker? Why do you think this is a good plan of action? Who can support her with this plan? How can she evaluate if her goal to be a better worker is achieved?

Paragraph Two: How did Vanessa’s supervisor handle his concern with her work? What do you think about his actions? If you were Vanessa’s supervisor, how would you communicate with her about her poor work performance?

How will this approach support Vanessa? In what way will this plan result in better client care?

What would you do to track and evaluate changes in Vanessa’s performance? Your Future Looks Bright With DRAKE MEDOX COLLEGE

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