Depression Nursing diagnoses (problems) related to stroke

Client Mabel Finn. Client information Mabel Finn is an 85-year-old widow.  Medical diagnoses – (L) CVA (stroke), Type II Diabetes, Depression Nursing diagnoses (problems) related to stroke; Severe muscle weakness on right side of the body Slumps to the right side if not supported on that side. . Potential for choking due to moderate swallowing deficit – pocketing of food Speech deficit Contracture of right arm Urinary incontinence due to urgency Unable to walk due to paralysis on (R) side. Constipation . Potential for pressure sores due to mobility deficit.

Inability to self care due to immobility and paralysis. Nursing diagnoses (problems) due to type II Diabetes Poor eyesight due to retinopathy Loss of feeling in feet due to neuropathy . . Potential for hypoglycaemia due to diabetes medication Potential for infection due to delayed healing of wounds. Nursing diagnoses (problems) due to depression Inability to cope with loss of independence . Impaired body image due to loss of abilities and changed body shape (contractures) .

Potential for aggression – inability to express her needs Social History Mabel assisted her husband with the family butcher shop, kept a vegetable garden and raised chickens. She taught Sunday school at the local Methodist (Uniting) church. She attended church every Sunday. Her hobbies were Irish dancing, cooking, reading and growing roses.

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