Developing diet recommendations

A local clinic has asked for your help developing diet recommendations for “Healthy Sperm” for use with their male clients seeking advice on the topic.  Please develop a set of at least four practical recommendations that you would provide for their target audience.  Make sure your recommendations describe actions that members of the general public can implement.  For example, avoid statements such as “consume foods rich in x nutrient,” because people with no nutrition knowledge will not know which foods contain that nutrient.

Include a description of the rationale for recommending the consumption or avoidance of specific foods.  Be sure to consider fresh food, fast food, and convenience store-food availability (or lack thereof) near the area where the clinic is located.  Please indicate a specific location (e.g., Phoenix downtown area) and provide context about food availability and cost considerations as part of your answer. [Text, beginning on page 58, addresses adequate zinc, high level of antioxidants, light to moderate alcohol, clean arteries, controlled diabetes, seafood, and avoidance of heavy metals such as mercury.  Note that copying that information here is not an acceptable answer.]

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