Diabetes Care through Government services

Diabetes Care through Government services; At our hospital, the government health facility gives free service to diabetics who are under age 18 and over age 64.

However with diabetes being so prevalent and chronic leading to kidney failure and other illnesses I want to propose that my country’s government give diabetics of all ages access to free diabetes medication and free clinic follow up with 2 free HBA1c lab tests per year and free glucose test strips for the glucose monitors.

Also, I want to propose the government strengthen the school health program to include monitoring Diabetes children while at school.

Can you see if any of the country’s or country’s government health systems provides free care for diabetes patients?

Do a Literature review of how the government healthcare system of a Caribbean country and another country (you can choose which country) has stepped in to ensure diabetics receive diabetes medication and follow-up care. This is to put together a proposal for the government and health system in my country to make diabetes care and follow-up accessible to all citizens no matter the economic status.

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