A Diagnosis of tendonitis

Jane Tolefesen, a 63-year-old retired woman, had carpal tunnel surgery 3 years ago but recently is experiencing pain similar to when she was first diagnosed with the disorder. A diagnosis of tendonitis is given.

Mrs. Telefeeson went through the traditional therapies for tendonitis, but she still had pain. After studying about acupuncture and talking to friends who had the procedure for other problems, she decides to visit an acupuncturist. During her first interview, the acupuncturist says, “A person with any ailment can benefit from acupuncture.”

When asked to be more specific, she tells Mrs. Tolefeson, “Acupuncture may specifically alleviate your pain. And acupuncture has the ability to enhance the body’s energy force, which has a positive effect on any ailment.” 1. What is your initial response to the acupuncturist’s comments? Explain. 2. Identify what the success rate is for traditional treatment of tendonitis.

3. If an acupuncturist has treated you, what were the results? 4. If an acupuncturist has not treated you, would you be willing to seek treatment? Explain. 5. After four acupuncture treatments, Mrs. Tolefeson experienced noticeable improvement. Internet Activity: (10 points) Visit your chosen search engine and key in “pain therapy.

” Click on one of the sites that lists a pain therapy that is not covered in the textbook-for example, magnetic therapy or marijuana for the control of pain. Read the site information. 1. What did you find that you think is credible information? 2. What did you find that is not? 3. Explain your rationale.