Integumentary – proticting body from bacteria

What is (are) the primary function(s) of each of the eleven body systems? a) Integumentary – proticting body from bacteria, intection. inguryb) Skeletal – supports structore for the body c) Muscular – responsible for movement d) Nervous – helps all the parts of the body to communicate with e) Endocrine – f) Cardiovascular – delivers oxygen, numents, hormorest

g) Immune – defends the body against infection, whilst protecting h) Respiratory – facilicate gas et enange from the enuroment i) Digestive in breaks nutherts be bis k) Reproductive blood and create uire as a waste by-product. k) Reproductive – to produce egg and sperm cells 3. What are some examples of interactions between different systems listed above? Try to think of one examples not mentioned in the reading / PowerPoint notes.