Assessing an Emerging global health issue

In this assessment, you will test your knowledge globally by assessing an emerging global health issue. You will address factors that exacerbate the issue and develop the need for improvement. You will also develop a wellness teaching program.


Part 1: Doctors Without Borders Presentation

Imagine you are a nurse working with Doctors Without Borders to address an emerging global health issue in a specific region of the world. You are preparing to travel to the region to improve an issue or illness. Your director has requested that you prepare a presentation about the issue or illness for your fellow staff.


Choose a specific emerging health issue within a specific country (i.e., sex trafficking occurring in the US states bordering Mexico).


Include a summary of the chosen country and emerging health issues that impact the populations.


Summarize your chosen emerging health issue and explain how and why this issue impacts populations within your chosen country.


Analyze the cause of the issue or illness in your presentation.



  • Individual issues (e.g., personal hygiene)
  • Community (e.g., resources, demographics)
  • Family roles and structures (e.g., single-family households)
  • Culture (e.g., values, beliefs)
  • Environmental issues (e.g., access to technology and health care, geographic concerns)


Examine the factors that continue to exacerbate the issue or illness.



  • Individual
  • Community
  • Cultural
  • Environmental


figure an action to improve the issue or illness.




  • Education
  • Communication
  • Relief workers
  • Technology

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