Emerging technologies and the future of the nursing profession

Emerging technologies and the future of the nursing profession. Introduction. Indicate the impact of technology on: the clinical setting. The health education scenario. The health research setting. Explain the impact of bioinformatics and emerging technologies on:

  • individuality
  • cultural diversity
  • human responses

3. Select a recent research article that deals with the use of technology and how it impacts the aspect of cultural diversity in health care. The article must be from this dates 2019 – 2022.


  • Summarize the article in two (2) paragraphs of six (6) sentences each.
  • Indicate the importance of this for the nursing professional.
  • Explain how technology has helped in direct patient care.
  • Explains the benefits and drawbacks of using technology in nursing.
  • Reference of the article.



4. Conclusion


5. References


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