In Enrolled nursing field 

In enrolled nursing field 1. Your own personal well-being is critical to your performance as a nurse, and to your ability to function as a human. Therefore, it is important to know what you need to care for yourself, and where you can receive support when you need it.

Specify five (5) requirements you might need to ensure you are caring for your own wellbeing, and six (6) actions you can undertake to give yourself additional support.

 (list the elements you need to keep you feeling sane, stable and relaxed, and list the type of things you can do to achieve those elements)


2. List a minimum of seven (7) work methods or practices that can be used to improve performance, and for each one provide an example. For example; increasing knowledge of a specific patient by reading their file or speaking to the RN.

(outline at least seven practices you could undertake in the context of being a nurse, that could genuinely increase your knowledge, performance, capability or compliance. Each one must come with a relevant contextual example, e.g., increasing knowledge of a specific patient by reading their file or speaking to the RN.)


3. Personal and professional growth and develop can be enhanced through a range of activities. For each of the items below, specify two (2) (for each of them) real-world opportunities/ groups/ networks that exist for you to join, undertake or sign up for.

  • Industry networking events
  • Professional associations
  • Training options
  • Informal ways of learning and developing
  • Formal ways of learning and developing

( indicate two legitimate, genuine opportunities/ groups/ networks for each point (minimum 10 examples), that you could embrace in your nursing career, which may provide a professional or personal advantage. )

4. Understanding our performance results, expectations and capabilities is something we can do better after receiving feedback. For each of the demographics below, list four (4) methods you could use to actively seek feedback from each group of people.

  • Clients / families
  • Colleagues / peers
  • Managers / supervisors

(include four methods you might use to seek feedback from each demographic (Minimum 12 examples in total). Methods may be repeated between points, but must be practical and relevant.)

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