Entner-Doudorolf pathway

Which of the following statements regarding the Entner-Doudorolf pathway is TRUE 33)

A) It involves glycolysis

B) NADH is generated.

C) ATP is generated.

D) It involves the pentose phosphate pathway

E) NADH and ATP are generated 34) An enzyme, citrate synthase, in the Krebs cycle is inhibited by ATP. This is an esample of all of the) following EXCEPT A) allosteric inhibition

. C) competitive inhibition B) noncompetitive inhibition.

D) feedback inhibition Figure 6.1 35) In Figure 6.1, which line best depicts a facultative anaerobe in the absence of O2? 35) A) a

B)b C)C 36) If cells are grown in media containing amino acids labeled with radioactive nitrogen (15N), most of 36) radioactivity will be found in the cells A) DNA. B) proteins

C) phospholipids D) DNA and proteins. E) DNA and phospholipids 37) Pathogenic bacteria isolated from the respiratory or intestinal tracts of humans are 37)_ A) facultative anaerobes that require reducing media for growth.

B) capnophiles that prefer highly oxygenated growth conditions C) strict aerobes that grow best in reducing media D) capnophiles that grow best in carbon dioxide incubators. E) strict aerobes that grow best in candle jars. 385 The biosaséety level GSL) for a clinical microbiology laboratory working with potentaly arborne 3 pathogens, such as tuberculosis bacteria, is A) BSL-1. B) BSL-2 C) BSL-3 D)

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