Epidermolysis bullosa project

Submit a 3- to 4-page paper on Epidermolysis bullosa(EB) Evidence based practise (EBP) project including:

A brief statement of the topic and the patient/population, intervention, comparison and outcomes(PICO) clinical question with a purpose statement Recommended change in practice citing high-level evidence to support your suggested change in practice. Explain the recommended Epidermolysis bullosa(EB) change including the setting, health care consumers affected, and the rationale for the change.
Include how the recommended change would be implemented, who will be involved, and how information/change will be provided to those involved, supporting your responses with scholarly literature
Evaluation strategies and outcome measures
Describe how outcomes will be measured and how data will be collected to clearly identify if the plan once implemented has had a positive, negative, or neutral impact, supporting your responses with scholarly literature
Conclude your paper with a summary
Use at least 5 sources of evidence from the following categories: (a) systematic reviews, (b) national clinical guidelines and/or (c) peer-reviewed quantitative / qualitative studies.
Paraphrase, avoid direct quotes, and use your own words supported by evidence to exhibit scholarly writing. Do not use articles older than 5 years unless they have been confirmed as seminal articles by your Instructor. At least 5 sources of evidence are required for your paper.

Brown, S. J. (2018). Evidence-based nursing: The research-practice connection (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Pages 48–51 and 251–253.

Gray, J. R, & Grove, S. K. (2021). Burns and Grove’s the practice of nursing research: Appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence (9th ed.). Elsevier.

“Evidence Synthesis and Strategies for Implementing Evidence-Based Practice” (pp. 551–605)

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