Ethical Dilemmas in Global Health 

When reviewing and analyzing Case 2 found in Formal Training for Ethical Dilemmas in Global Health

Holly Berkley, MC, USN, Elena Zitzman, MC, USA, Rahul M Jindal, Formal Training for Ethical Dilemmas in Global Health, Military Medicine, Volume 184, Issue 1-2, January-February 2019, Pages 8-10,


While on an educational rotation in the Philippines, a resident physician observed a discrepancy in care as a function of surgeon level-of-training. Due to being short-staffed at a very busy trauma center in one of the world’s most densely populated city, many patients’ surgeries were performed or completed by medical students or junior residents. This poses the question of adequate preparation and supervision of trainees and whether or not that affects patient outcomes. Please analyze the case, Identify the ethical framework and offer potential and acceptable solutions. Make sure to note that the solutions are acceptable for the location of the case and the international community in terms of global health and security.


please cite scholarly and primary sources only

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