Motivating Factors of Adult Learning

The six (6) motivating factors of Adult Learning are outlined below. Briefly discuss in your own words what each means. The required response for this question is a detailed explanation for each item in the adjacent box below

1. Social Relationships
2. External Expectations
3. Social Welfare
4. Personal Advancement
5. Escape / Stimulation
6. Cognitive Interest

List a delivery method of learning for the following styles of learners:


a) Active:

b) Reflective:

c) Sensing:

d) Intuitive:

e) Visual:

f) Auditory:

g) Kinaesthetic:

h) Global Learner:

i) Analytical:
Briefly describe the following terms:


a) Incidental learning:

b) Task Breakdown / Analysis:

c) Reinforcement:

d) Shaping:

e) Chaining:


Define ‘motivation’ and ‘demotivation’.  Explain the characteristics of both and provide an example of each for a person with a disability.


a) Motivation:

b) Demotivation:


Break down the steps required for you to make a cup of coffee or tea with milk and sugar in it. Ensure you break down the steps clearly as you may have to talk a client through this process when caring for them.

Now take a moment to reflect on what would be required for a person with an intellectual disability to make a cup of coffee or tea.

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