Food impact on health

A family of five lives in a rural community with a population of 750 people. The only store in the town is a convenience store that sells some ready-made pizza and sandwiches along with milk, bread, and numerous prepackaged foods. The nearest large grocery store is 10 miles away. The mother works at the local day care center earning minimum wage, and the father drives a semi-truck delivering grain and similar goods within a 3-hour drive, most days. The family owns a car, however it is not reliable. The father has diabetes type-2 and high blood pressure. The mother is in good health, and the three children are all overweight.

1. Based on the family’s circumstance, what are the factors that impact their nutritional needs?

2. Food impact on health can be questionable. How does the type and availability of food impact their health? Consider the children’s nutrition needs and the father’s diabetes.

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