Read the book Frankenstein and hoose 3 characters and compare their understanding of kinship. For them, is kinship a transactional relationship or one of reciprocity? Do they extend kinship readily to others, or are they rigid, exclusive?

Do they change their view of kinship over the course of the book? ? Is any of them able to feel or acknowledge other-than-human beings as kin?

As you compare the characters, ask what in their background, as the novel depicts them, might be the reasons
for their similarities and differences. Is their attitude an effect of privilege – class, gender, other?

Have they learned from adverse experiences – and has that experience opened them up or shut them down to others? Remember that secondary characters contribute insights into themes, so you need not rely exclusively on main characters.


To succeed in this assignment, do the following:
Have a clearly articulated point of view on the issue you have chosen, whether you choose the essay or the letter.
Just summarizing the text is not enough.
Carefully choose evidence from the text – don’t use quotes to summarize the plot, but rather use them to illustrate a
particular idea.
Explain the importance of details in the quotes you have provided; don’t assume it’s obvious why you’ve included the
Have a structure for your paper: whether you’re doing the letter or the comparison, break your paper into
paragraphs where you focus on a particular aspect of your issue. Don’t just move on to the thing that happens next
in the novel.
Use English for Academic Purposes: that is, check your grammar and syntax

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